Jason Frasca – Co-Director MIX Lab and Entrepreneurship Instructor at Montclair State University

frascaI worked with Mike as a consultant for the web development / eCommerce project that he led as VP of Digital for Guideposts. This redesign required a split of front-end (design) and backend (CMS and technical aspects).

Mike demonstrated the ability to develop a vision, define needs, select vendors, and execute plans with precision and a sense of urgency. His understanding of the technical aspects of web design and the ability to communicate with the professional designers in their “language” created a strong partnership and integration of internal, external and company vendor teams.

At the same time, he kept stakeholders and senior leadership updated in an easy to understand, nontechnical way.

Mike’s project management skills were tested repeatedly over the course of the project. His preparation for the what-if’s was exceptional. Obstacles were nothing more than challenges that he addressed immediately and his resolution was never in question. By evaluating and changing priorities, he was able to keep the project moving while staying within timeline and budget estimates.