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“Send newsletters, campaign followups, and individual emails.”

Email marketing is said to be one of the strongest marketing channels . And it can be, if backed by an effective email marketing strategy. Sometimes you run into email programs, where you begin to think:

“What were they thinking?” This could be so much better! Your email marketing strategy, you could say, is the foundation that your email marketing program is built around so it is worth spending time on.

We are there to help

Retail Consultants of Tampa Bay brings years of experience in managing campaigns with mail lists in excess of one million subscribers and monthly email volumes of over 20 million for enterprise clients. We do the same for the small business and offer services that range from setup and training to complete management of email marketing campaigns.

Turning an email strategy into effective campaigns involves setting up the email platform, the selection of creative assets (images), engaging subject lines, appealing content messaging, testing, and analysis. You decide how much you want to do and what you want us to assist with.

Email Marketing Solutions

Not every solution is right for your business. It may have functionality that you do not need. The cost may be beyond your budget. Our goal is to give you the best solution, based on your needs and your budget.

Just Starting Out



MailChimp is more than an email platform and is perfect for the small business just starting out. In fact, if you have less than 2,000 subscribers and will not send out more than 12,000 emails a month, the service is free! Just note that the “Forever Free” plan does limit some of the features available in the paid plans.

Our setup services are a fast and efficient way to get started. Need some additional advise or want us to manage the campaigns from start to finish. No problem. Just ask.

More Advanced



As a Constant Contact Solutions Provider, our #1 priority is our clients and their satisfaction and we measure success by that of the businesses that we work with. With the capability to manage a list of up to 4 million email addresses, Constant Contact will meet your needs now and well into the future.

It is easy to use and meets the needs for the business just starting out and the existing business that wants to better manage their email database. For as little as $20 a month, The “Email” plan offers many of the features found in marketing automation solutions that cost 50 times as much!  If you need more, the “Email Plus” plan offers features that are pay as needed in the other plan.


An information sheet comparing the two programs offered by Constant Contact is available for download here.

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Need More Than Email?

Your business may need more than that offered by these solutions and we understand that. Many of our clients have mail lists of over 1 million subscribers. While both MailChimp and Constant Contact could meet the needs of your organization, you may be ready for a more in-depth marketing automation solution.

See our marketing automation page or click here to go there immediately.